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Apart from the fact that being ill abroad is simply no fun, a sickness overseas may require you to cut your vacation short altogether. The standards of medical care you are used to at home may not be available overseas. Medical facilities may be sub-par or unclean and if hospitalized, you could end up leaving the hospital sicker than when you came in. Although it is impossible to rule out all risks when traveling, you can substantially cut most of them down by evaluating your health before you leave. A health exam before departure can help you stay in peak health while you’re abroad and avoid ruining your vacation altogether.

A pre-travel health assessment at MIMPC is also a great way to discover which vaccinations may be needed for your destination. Some countries require certain vaccinations before entry.  You might also need prophylactic medication for malaria and traveler’s diarrhea.  Book your appointment with us today and let us help assure a vacation free of illness.