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Before any major surgery, including oral surgery, your surgeon will want to know if your health is optimal and if there are few if any risks that might stand in your way of achieving a full and uneventful recovery afterward.  This examination includes a full review of your medical history, a complete physical examination including an EKG and possibly a pulmonary function test depending on your health.  We work hard with you to optimize your blood sugar, your weight, and blood presure in order to lower your risks of infection or other complications.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page and make your own appointment under"Administrative Physicals."  Be sure to bring with you any medical records you'd like us to review and contact information to your surgeon's office or other doctors' offices.

Pre-Operative Clearance Examination
USCIS Immigration Medical Exam DOT Commercial Driver Exams Medical Cannabis Recommendation Disability Evaluations Pre-Employment/School Physical Pre-Surgical Evaluation Sports Physicals DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Travel Health Evaluation General Administrative Evaluations
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