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Innovative General Adult Medical Services and Expert Health Evaluations Call now for more information (877) 254-4496
Click here to go to secure site:  https://www.mimpc.com
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Complete your New Patient Welcome Form securely and conveniently online. You’re just 5 minutes away from calling yourself an MIMPC patient.

No need to wait.  Choose a time to visit your MIMPC doctor at our office in Duarte or connect via phone or webcam today.

New Patient Intake Form Book Your Own Visit Touch Call

Give us a phone number where we can reach you and we will instantly call you.


Any forms that you might need for your health evaluation with our docs you’ll find right here.   


Consult with an MIMPC doctor in our MCareMD Online Clinic via secure webcam or phone. Request med refills, bloodwork results, or get treated for minor conditions.

Order your own basic labs and then consult with your MIMPC doctor to review the results.  Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Every lab includes our Hawk Watch service.

No need to wait for a pesky bill to show up at your home or in your email address to pay your balance.  Click here to be taken to our patient portal to pay anytime.

Our MIMPC docs understand that conventional medications are not always the best treatment course for everyone.  If cannabis is right for you, get your rec today at MCare Green.


No need to mail in or lug you medical records around with you just to get them in your chart.  Upload them securely now to our private drop box and we’ll make them a part of your medical records before your next visit.

Connect anytime to your medical chart to get a list of your diagnoses, medications, lab and imaging results or to secure message your doc.

Give it to us strait.  We can take it.  We love hearing from our patients on how we’re doing and we love answering questions for them even more.  Let us hear from you.


Patient Portal

Interact with our doctors through blogs, and social media, or watch videos,and listen to informative audio reports to learn more about how to optimize your health and other topics.

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