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What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a viral disease that effects the smooth tissue which makes up the lining and tubes in your lungs. This tissue in your lungs is similar to the tissue that lines the inside of your mouth. When the virus is present this tissue can become inflames and constrict the tubes in your lungs. That constriction is what causes you to cough and/or wheeze. When the tubes in your lungs become swollen it can also lead to other complications. Thick mucus can potentially get trapped withing the swollen tubes which will worsen your condition.

What are the Symptoms of Bronchitis?

Symptoms of bronchitis are often confused with the common cold, especially since it often comes after a cold. The most common symptom is usually a forceful or easily provoked cough that is non-productive. A non-productive cough is one that does not clear any mucus from your system. Your cough may be short term or acute meaning it lasts for days or a few weeks, or it could be chronic lasting months to years.

At times a fever may accompany your cough but that is not always the case. Other common causes of bronchitis are exposure to certain toxins or chemicals including the toxins you inhale from smoking tobacco.

What are the Treatment Options?

Currently there are no medications that can cure bronchitis however your physician may put you on a regimen of antibiotics in an effort to control and minimize your symptoms. While these antibiotics won’t cure your bronchitis, they can help regulate your symptoms leading to a higher quality of life.

When to See Dr. Sarge

If you have a persistent cough accompanied by a thickening of mucus, you may have bronchitis. The best course of action is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sarge so she can evaluate your symptoms and prescribe antibiotics if necessary. If you have a chronic cough or your symptoms seem to be worsening, call Dr. Sarge at (877) 254-4496, or book your appointment online today!