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Now, you need not look any further than the dials on your phone or the keys on your keyboard to connect with a highly-trained licensed physician.  Get minor medical conditions diagnosed and treated or get medications refilled from your couch. Now, with just a few swipes on your iPad, phone or desktop you can find out just how hassle-free getting great medical care can be.

We at MIMPC know how precious your time is to you and how important it is not to waste it waiting in a doctor’s office.  

That’s why we’ve worked hard to bring you options and have designed a way for you to customize your medical experience with us. From the innovative mind of our founder, Dr. Ulin Sargeant, you can now phone in your symptoms, web-confer with our doctors from your bed, or order your own bloodwork.  That’s right!  Order your own bloodwork on your own time.

Fast Track It! Customize your health care.
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Check out what peeps are sayin’!
"Ulin was very patient and informative. She has a great way of helping the patient feel comfortable and safe."   " I felt at ease with Dr. Sargent she answered all of my concerns overall very knowledgeable. would recommend her to anyone."     "Great!" 
"One of the most caring people I have ever met. Will never forget her."     " Dr. Sargeant is very responsive to the needs of my mother who is currently in a Board and Care. Her rapport and personal manner is outstanding."    
"Dr. Sargeant put me at ease and made what for me was a difficult experience much more tolerable and far less stressful than I ever expected."    "My visit went very well. I would highly recommend Dr. Sargeant. She is very detailed. Thanks Dr. Sargeant - William"          
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Hate the Waiting Room?  Then Skip It! Who needs the hassle, right?

…and all without stepping foot in a medical office. Don’t put off taking care of “that thing” another minute just because of time constraints. More about MCareMD Telemedicine
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Introducing We Hear You! Introducing Online Medical Cannabis Evaluation & Recommendation MIMPC offers   Online Cannabis Evaluations

Our patients have spoken and now we’re happy to announce…

After years of observing the remarkable improvements in the health of our chronically ill patients, we can no longer ignore benefits of cannabis.  

Our MIMPC docs have diligently educated themselves on the history of the use of cannabis, its present applications and pharmacology and are now ready to serve and educate you.

For qualified adult patients (age 18 or older) we offer a thorough online evaluation and SAME-DAY recommendation.

Click here to learn more about Mcare Green Don’t just think you’re healthy…Know you are! At MIMPC it’s easy. Book this! MCare green Book this! Book this! Book this! Book this! Book this! Book this! Book this! Book this! Wondering if we do that kind of physical evaluation?:  (877) 254-4496 It Doesn’t Matter Why You Need It! Just know if you do, we’ve got your back

Thorough, but timely medical evaluations for any requirement.

Whether you’re a commercial driver, a traveler, an athlete, a nursing student, a government worker, or just curious about your health, we know what to do and you can expect complete and accurate reports of your results  provided to you or submitted to your employer or agent with limited delays–guaranteed.   

We conduct disability physicals per requirements for the Department of Social Services (DSS), Independent Medical Examinations (IME), Agreed Medical Examinations (AME), or personal disability evaluations.   Our doctors are Civil Surgeons and therefore qualified to complete your immigration physical.  They are also FMSCA Certified to conduct DOT physical exams.  

Whatever you need it for, it doesn’t matter.  We’ll take care of you.

What is Evaluation Medicine?

Coined by Dr. Sargeant, evaluation medicine is defined as the study and complete appraisal of the current state of the human physical condition be it changed by disease or in perfect health for the purpose of review or to formulate official documentation as opposed to acquiring the information for the purpose of treatment. The term also entails expertise in preparing and communicating the collected data to all parties concerned in an intelligible, uncomplicated report that is easily understood by professionals and lay-persons alike.

General Medical Services

When’s the last time you felt good leaving the doctor’s office?

Like you were really well taken care of?  

Well, at MIMPC we make your answer to that question our priority! We have balanced technology, evidence-based medicine, and exceptional customer service to bring you an efficient and truly excellent modern approach to health care. Now, this is the proverbial doctor’s office reinvented!  We’ve challenged the convention and have created a whole new meaning to the idea of a medical home by designing care around you and your needs.  

Our approach includes availing responsive, highly trained, and caring professionals to you whenever you need us.  We make it easy for you to book your appointment with us either online or via phone 24/7 and guarantee a connection with your provider in a timely efficient manner.

Come check us out for yourself.  When you leave our office, we know you’ll say: “Now, that felt good!”

Adult Medicine, Our Bread & Butter Upgrade your medical experience

Screening Exams

General Wellness Exam

Female Wellness Exam

Male Wellness Exam

Diabetes Screening

Cardiac Assessment

Skin Exam

Hepatitis Screening

STD Screening

Urinary Wellness

Asthma / COPD Screening

Arthritis Assessment

Smoker’s Assessment

Thyroid Health Screening

Hypertension Screening

Pulmonary Wellness

Cholesterol Screening

Timeline Screening Examinations


No Insurance?  Or maybe you just like the idea of a hassle-free check-up.

Well, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.  We’ve bundled screening evaluations to help you check for diabetes, asthma, thyroid problems and more and all in a way that wont break you.  If you’re in between insurances or would rather pay cash, these screening bundles are just what the doctor ordered.

Get Social with Us New Patient Intake Form New Patient Intake Form Order My Labs

Now you can order the labs you need but without the hassle of long wait times in your doctor’s office. Learn about various health conditions and the labs your doctor routinely orders to diagnose or monitor them.  

Look as hard as you dare.  You’ll never find a service like ours because every one of the labs you order is reviewed by one of our MIMPC licensed, highly experienced and currently practicing physicians.

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Whether it’s for yourself or for someone else, making an appointment with us couldn’t be easier.

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